Sky's Music World Online Concert Series. Get Your Tickets - Buy the Albums.

Once upon a time there was this music guy named Sky who went and made up all these songs and then he put them up online. He didn't have to hold it back a bit. He kept it cool for the kids. He didn't have to censor "Anything". Age appropriate "No Parental Advisory Sticker Necessary". He was on a quest to teach the kids how to make up songs like this, songs like that with a box full of beats like the Cat in the Hat. He was off with the RC-505 off of the bat. Doin' parties and concerts and all of that. Now he's online doin' this. Makin' up songs on the side. Total global w-w-w-w worldwide. Beatbox, vocal, looper life. Music mogul overnight. Yeehaw, yodel, woop-woop, hype (x3)


Sky will premier songs from his upcoming album and beatbox covers on his mission to Songify the Internet.

As always, Sky will take audience suggestions to make up songs on the spot. Please visit the YouTube event page and set a reminder in your calendar!